24/7 Valet Parking in Island Park Fast, NJ

The Island Park Fast 100 car parking spaces in structures and surface parking lots. Access during enforcement hours is controlled by parking permits, central pay stations, meters, gates or cashier-attendants. Island Park Fast located in the heart of desired part of Newark, NJ few steps from Newark Penn Station, walking distance to prudential center, steps to Ecuador Embassy, and close to beloved Newark restaurants and shopping area.

Island Park Fast Fauther

  • The best price

We guarantee that you’re getting the best rate. If you find a better price and the location doesn’t have a Price Advisory, we’ll refund you the difference – no questions asked.

  • A guaranteed space is waiting for you

We guarantee that a space will be ready for your arrival or your money back.

  • Incredible customer support

Need help? We’ve got that covered too! With on demand, one-click access to the best customer service team who’s dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care you’ll never find yourself in a bind.

  • Daily and Monthly Parking

From going to the office everyday or an appointment once and awhile, we have your spot.


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